Dome Short Stem LED Path Light


Short Stem Dome Kichler LED Path Light in Bronze | Landscape Lighting


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Short Stem Dome Kichler LED Path Light in Bronze

The Short Stem Dome Kichler LED Path Light is a shorter version of the LED Dome Path Light (15810). It is designed for use in lower plantings and smaller garden areas.

Meet the standard for low voltage LED path and spread applications.

The brightness, color rendering and energy efficiency of Kichler Design Pro LED lights is now available in a host of LED path and spread offerings. Give seasonal flowers a striking nighttime accent. And do it all with easy to install highly efficient low voltage LED technology.

Superior design offerings

  • Compact low voltage LED chip creates sleek, stylized silhouettes that were never before possible.
  • Engineered optics optimize light output and beam spread, ensuring that each fixture delivers a solid punch of LED light exactly where its needed.
  • Plenty of lumen power giving off as much light as traditional path light using 1/4 the energy.
  • LED Color temperature matches traditional halogen light.
  • LED fixtures work independently or can be combined to create dynamic displays.



Housing Cast Aluminum

Color Temperature Warm White (2700k) Pure White (3000k)

Finish Textured Architectural Bronze (15811AZT)

Dimensions Height 15″, Width 8.25″

LED Light Source 4 Watt Integrated LEDs and Driver which provides light output comparable to a standard 20 watt path light


LED Power Usage at 12V AC Input
VA Total: 5.8
Watts Total: 4
*Multiply fixture VA by the number of fixtures used to determine size of transformer


Wiring 36″ of usable #18-2, SPT-1-W leads. Cable connector supplied.

Mounting Accessories Included 8″ In-ground stake


Optional Mounting Accessories
15601 – Surface Mounting Flange
15607 – Tree/Surface Mounting Bracket


Footcandles/Distance from Fixture Center
Distance from light0′1′2′3′4′5′6′7′8′
Foot candles12.1811.576.073.171.881.050.450.360.27


Kichler Professional Landscape Lighting

Additional information

Weight48.00 lbs





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