8.5 Watt 35º LED Accent Light

8.5 Watt 35 Degree LED Accent Light | Landscape Lighting

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LED Landscape Lighting – LED Spot Lighting – Kichler 15742

8.5 Watt Low Voltage 35 Degree LED Landscape Lighting Flood Light

High quality, long-lasting and energy-efficient LED 8.5 watt flood provides light equivalent to a 35 watt halogen landscape lighting flood lamp.

View nature in a whole new light with Kichler LED landscape lighting. LED landscape lights create maximum impact in the landscape with pure warm white light. These innovative fixtures combine state-of-the-art color rendering with cool operation, LED low energy consumption and long life (40,000 hours).

Optically engineered from the inside out, Kichler LED landscape lights optimize light output and beam spread. These high-grade LED optics ensure that each fixture delivers a solid punch of light exactly where it’s wanted.

The color of light is referred to as its temperature and is measured in degrees Kelvin (K). The color temperature of most incandescent light ranges from 2600 to 3100 K. At a temperature of approximately 2800K, Kichler LED landscape lights showcase landscape features with true, clear light without intruding on the scene.


Housing Die-cast aluminum or die-cast brass with clear tempered glass lens and polycarbonate mounting stem and lock nut

Finish Textured Architectural Bronze (15742AZT), Textured Black (15742BKT), Bronzed Brass (15742BBR)

Dimensions 5 1/2″ H x 3″ W

Wiring 35 ft. usable #18-2 direct burial landscape lighting wire, 12 volt cable connector supplied with LED lighting fixture.

LED Light Source 8.5 Watt Illumination provided by integrated LED lighting chips. Built in LED light driver.

Optional Mounting Accessories- 15601- Surface Mounting Flange, 15607- Tree/Surface Mounting Bracket

Optional Accessories – 15701- Cowl Glare Shield

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