Voltage Drop Equation For Landscape Lighting

Use this voltage drop equation to figure out how many volts your wire will lose over a distance:

Total watts on low voltage wire * length of wire run in feet / wire size constant listed in chart below = VOLTAGE DROP



(note: the smaller the number the bigger the wire. 8/2 low voltage wire is the largest size)


100 watts of lights at the end of a 200ft wire run on a 10/2 wire

100 * 200 = 20,000 / 11,920 = 1.68 volts

So if you have 12 volts coming out of the transformer the voltage drop equation tells us the voltage will be reduced by 1.68 volts to 10.32 volts.

10.32 volts will produce a slightly yellowish light.

We recommend using a multi-tap transformer so you can increase the voltage to get each landscape light above 10.8 volts.


Multi-tap transformer used with voltage drop equation

Increase voltage on far wire runs with our multi-tap transformers.


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