Landscape Lighting Design – Social Spaces

Whether it be the deck, patio or the pool; we all have a favorite hangout spot in our yard. Nothing enhances the aesthetic value of this space more than proper landscape lighting. It is no coincidence we all congregate around the bonfire or area lit by tiki torches once the sun has set beyond the horizon.

Creating a beautiful outdoor living space is easy. Even a simple square patio area can be the focal point of your yard at night. Use path way lights around the perimeter to create a warm glow of light to act as the base “layer”. Lighting hardscape features in the space helps adds intrigue to the space. Consider using LED strip lighting underneath steps or perimeter walls. This is great way to highlight something that is normally “lost” after nightfall.

Balancing the levels of light is arguable the most important aspect of landscape lighting design. With our patio area described above we surely have some trees in the yard as well. Soft up lighting helps balance out the entire backyard. It also helps reduce glare when viewing the yard from inside.

Our patio area now has three “layers” of light. Perimeter path lights creating a soft glow on the ground, acting as the base. LED strip lighting underneath a set of steps, accenting the entry point and adding safety. Lastly, we have a few trees lit with soft up lighting in yard to balance the whole space. Viewing this all together creates a warm and inviting space you can enjoy well into the evening.

Social Space Landscape Lighting Design

Backyard Patio Area