This post will familiarize you the basic landscape lighting elements that make up a low voltage outdoor lighting system.

1) Low Voltage Transformer

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A power box that plugs into any standard electrical outlet inside or outside. The transformer takes the hazardous 120 volt power from your home and steps the voltage level down 10 times to a safe 12 volts. Using 12 volts also referred to as “low voltage” allows us to bury wiring directly in garden areas with little or no risk of electrical shock.

2) Accent Lights

Accent lights are used to accent features of your landscape and property.

Up Lights – illuminate trees, columns and other unique features. Many wattage’s and beam spreads are available.



Wash Lights – provide soft even illumination on the facade of a building, wall or hedges

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3) Path Lights

Path lights each fixture.

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Now you know some landscape lighting basics! Continue exploring this site to learn more about each of the elements listed above.