Kichler Professional Transformers

Kichler Professional Transformers

Kichler Professional Transformers

Kichler Professional transformers are the best landscape lighting transformer available on the market. BACKED WITH A LIFETIME WARRANTY

When you hold the one of these transformers in your hands you can feel the quality. First off the transformer is heavy… most of the weight is in the top where the large copper magnetic coil is housed. This coil reduces the voltage coming from a standard 120volt outlet down to 12volt or “low voltage” power, which is safe to run in the landscape. The entire transformer housing is constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel. Stainless steel ensures that the transformer will not rust over time. The hinged lid is magnetic so it stays up on its own while you working.

Kichler Professional transformers come in multiple sizes by wattage:

The terminal block is where your wire connects and run to your lights. The “COM(s)” are openings in the terminal block inside the transformer where 1 of the 2 strand landscape lighting wire is inserted. note: the most common landscape lighting wire is “12/2” where the “12” represents the size of the wire also known as its gauge and the “2” represents that the wire is made up of 2 separate copper strands. 1 strand of the 2 strand wire going to your landscape lights is inserted into the terminal opening labeled “COM”. The second strand of your wire is inserted into 1 of 4 voltage “TAP(s)” on the terminal block inside all Kichler pro series transformers.

  • 12volt – “TAP1 12v”
  • 13volt – “TAP2 13v”
  • 14volt – “TAP3 14v”
  • 15volt – “TAP4 15v”

Most of the time you will use the 12volt tap. The higher voltage taps are for longer runs where more voltage is needed to push the power down the line to your lights. For example, your transformer is plugged into an outlet on the side of you home and you want to up light multiple trees along your driveway leading up to the house. By using the right size wire and voltage tap you can run the wiring 300ft down the driveway and still have solid light output at the end. Read our tutorial on voltage drop to help determine what voltage tap should be used. Using the proper wiring techniques is also important. We are here to help if you want some advice on how to efficiently wire your system. Get some help!

Each “COM” & “TAP” opening in the terminal block has the capacity to handle 8 – #10 gauge wires or 10 – #12 gauge wires. This is important when it comes to separating your landscape lighting system into zones. Using a separate wire for every 100-150watt group of lights is a good rule to help reduce “voltage drop” and assure room for additional lights in the future. This rule means you would have 2-3 wires on each “COM.” If you are using a bigger transformer (600watt and up) and all of your lights are relatively close, the 12volt tap will fill up quickly. The large taps in the Kichler Professional Transformers can handle a ton of wires which is not the case with other brands.

The Kichler Professional and Plus Series Transformers have an outlet to add a timer. There is also a plug to easily add a photo control that turns lights on at dusk and off at dawn. The timer and photo control can be used in conjunction turning the lights on at dusk with the photo control and off at a set time on the timer. note: set the timer to turn on before it gets dark and the transformer wont turn on until the photo control kicks on at dusk.

  • Analog Timer– Dial timer with 2 on and 2 off tabs. Allows you to run the lights on and off in the evening until, then you can have the lights come back on and off early in the morning.
  • Digital Timer– Battery backup. Multiple on and off times. Set a separate on/off time for individual days on the week.
  • Photocell– Light sensing control that mounts on the side of the transformer. Used when mounting the transformer outside in a light area.
  • Remote Photocell– Light sensing control with a 15ft cord. Used when mounting the transformer inside or in a dark area like behind shrubs.
  • Sync Device– Synchronize multiple transformers using a jumper wire connected to the main transformer. When the main transformer turns on all of the transformers with sync devices turn on.

Some other features:

  • Built In circuit breakers- provide a fast response to a fault in the system. If a line gets cut or a short-circuit occurs the breaker will trip immediately. This prevents wiring from overheating and posing a fire risk.
  • Protected- Core wire leads and inner parts are set inside epoxy to prevent exposure to moisture to resist corrosion and maintain a permanent seal
  • Quiet- The solid core and epoxy eliminates humming as well as vibration, keeping connections from loosening.
  • Cool- Epoxy also keeps the transformer running cooler. A cooler transformer is safer and conserves energy.
  • Indoor & Outdoor- Rated for use inside and outside.