Discover the most technologically evolved landscape lighting backed with a 15 Year Warranty.

Available in a large variety of wattage’s, beam spreads, color temperatures and finishes.

Kichler engineered the exclusive Radiax optics to generate more lumens with less wattage for superior results. Kichler has also expanded your options for design with multiple Kelvin temperatures and lumen output choices. It’s all integrated into a unit that fully potted to protect it from the elements. All Kichler LED lights are backed up with a 10 year commercial and 15 year residential warranty. Kichler’s latest Design Pro LED 12volt accent or in-ground options, as well as the 120volt accent fixtures, deliver versatility that give every landscape lighting system a professional look.

Radiax optics come in two forms – side-powered on larger fixtures, center-powered on smaller ones. Both designs give Kichler fixtures great lumens per watt output.

Wattage equals energy used – and in the old days, it also equated to how bright a light looked. Today we know that lumens are a better indication of a light’s brightness, and at Kichler they’ve engineered a solution to get the most lumens with the least amount of wattage. Kichler’s Radiax optic, a Kichler exclusive design, drives increased output from the LED chips, creating a more focused light at a cooler operating temperature. Plus, the Radiax high performance LED optics are engineered specifically for landscape lighting use. In addition, a range of Kelvin(Color Temperature) options give you the precise light effects you need on your project.