How to Install Low Voltage Landscape Lighting: Deck Lights

This post will guide you step by step how to tastefully and securely install a deck light. In this demonstration we used a Kichler LED Half Moon Deck Light. (Product #15764 AZT), but this process can be adapted to other mountable fixtures. The site is a spacious cedar deck. We are mounting half moon fixtures to the insides of the posts surrounding the exterior and stairway of the deck.

Kichler 15764AZT Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Low Voltage LED Deck Lighting Low Voltage LED Deck Lighting

First, we must install the deck light.

Unscrew the outer cover of the deck light using a Phillips screw driver.

Installation LED Low Voltage Deck Light Kichler 15764AZT LED Deck Light

Using a long drill bit, mark the mounting position on the deck post, ensuring that it is center. Drill a hole through this mark to the other end of the post. Insert the tail of the deck light wire through the newly drilled hole. Snake the wire through until the deck light is flat against the post.

Low Voltage Deck Light Installation Landscape Lighting Installation

Make sure the light is center, then tighten the interior screws, and refasten the deck light cover. The wire should be hanging on the other side of the post.

LED Landscape Lighting Installation Open View Kichler 15764AZTInstalled Kichler LED Deck Light Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Wire

Next, drill about 3″ from the base of the post (on the same side as the loose deck light wire) at a down and outward angle until the drill bit emerges underneath the deck. Snake the wire through this new hole and pull taught, so that the line of wire opposite of the deck light is vertical and straight. The tail of the wire should be underneath the deck, where the main electric cable can be connected out of the way and out of sight.

Low Voltage Deck Lighting Installation IMG_2746IMG_2600
Now, to mask that vertical strip of wire.

In this demonstration we used red cedar wood because it matches the color and finish of the deck. First, measure the length of the deck post, and cut a roughly 1″ wide strip of wood at that length.

IMG_2596 IMG_2616

Then, using an open table saw blade, press the strip slowly onto the saw blade, starting about 4″ from the end. Using a straight barrier such as the metal edge shown, guide the strip along the saw blade to continue the cut, stopping about 4″ from the end. Do NOT do this with your bare fingers. Use something to guide the strip, like the blocks of wood shown below.

IMG_2636 IMG_2627

The result should be an open groove in the strip of wood that stops 4″ from either end. Repeat this process about 2mm from the initial groove and then gauge out the 2mm center, as well as any extraneous wood. The result should be a larger open groove in the strip of wood that stops 4″ from either end. Be sure this groove is large enough for the deck light wire to fit inside, and if it isn’t, repeat this step.

IMG_2630 IMG_2638 IMG_2641 IMG_2648

Next, drill a wide notch within the 4″ of space on either side of the strip. Mount the strip of wood against the vertical line of the deck light wire so that it fits inside.

IMG_2656 IMG_2659


IMG_2581 IMG_2665

Drill a narrower hole through each notch, then fasten screws to secure the top and bottom ends of the strip.

IMG_2662 IMG_2678

Now your deck light is simply and tastefully fastened in place, and all wiring can be done underneath the deck.

IMG_2666 IMG_2734