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CAST Lighting

CAST Lighting

CAST Lighting offers some of the most durable and high-quality fixtures in the industry. Every fixture is made of solid sand-cast bronze and has a lifetime warranty on the finish. There is no coating on the fixture so it will never peel or chip. The fixtures are practically indestructible. You can feel this difference in quality versus the competition. The fixtures are heavy and feel like the work of a skilled craftsman, truly impressive.

We are very fond of their LED fixtures. CAST Lighting fixtures utilize Cree LED chips. Beam control, color rendering and color temperature are among the best in the industry. This is very important to us because who wants a fixture that lasts a lifetime giving off bad light?

The Engineered LED Wall Light is simply the best product out there for its application. A key feature being the glass lens over the LED light source. This diffuses the light and takes away the harsh glare that exposed LED’s can give off. It is a small detail that makes a huge difference, often times we forget to consider the glare factor from a hidden light source. Any time your lower then the light source its a factor. This wall light eliminates that problem.

A unique feature of CAST LED fixtures is their voltage operating range. It is the best in the industry from 10-24 volts. This makes installation easier and faster since voltage-drop is virtually eliminated. Not all landscape lighting systems run at 12 volts, a wide voltage range allows for use on a variety of different transformers. CAST Lighting fixtures also use marine-grade wire and other corrosion resistant components.

Another great value is the simplicity of their designs, they fit in with everything and blend nicely into the landscape.


All fixtures are field serviceable and easy to maintain.


This clip is a great example of the dedication CAST has to making some of the best landscape lighting products in the industry.


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