The 3M Direct Bury Splice Kit provides a simple long lasting connection for you landscape lights.

Create a long lasting splice with this direct burial splice kit.

Wire Range: 5 #16’s AWG through 3 #10’s AWG

Easy to Install as 1, 2, 3

  • Strip wires, apply the Electrical Spring Connector and twist in a clockwise direction.
  • Insert the splice into the gel-filled insulator tube. Push past the locking fingers to hold the connector in place.
  • Position wires in wire channels and snap insulator tube cover closed

Saves Time

The 3M Direct Bury Splice Kit is a real time saver when installing underground electrical cable systems. Every component for the splice is included in the kit. The insulator tube is pre-filled, eliminating the chance of the installer using too much or too little sealant. No crimping tools, no waste, no mess. Just quick, reliable underground splices for projects of 30 volts or less.