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3 Watt 60° LED Accent Light



3W 60 Degree 12V LED Accent Light

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Product Description

LED Landscape Lighting – LED Spot Lighting – Kichler 16002

3 Watt 60° Low Voltage LED Landscape Light

The Kichler 16002 is a low voltage 3 watt LED landscape light that provides illumination equal to a 10 watt halogen MR16 lamp.  This small LED landscape light has a 60 degree beam spread which is a wide flood beam.  This light comes in 4 different finish colors and has the option of warm or pure white light output.  Enjoy at least 40,000 hours of use while saving 80% on energy.  Never replace a light bulb again saving time and money.  Kichler is the industry leader in LED landscape lighting.  This Kichler Design Pro LED carries a remarkable 15 year warranty.

SPECIFICATIONS – Kichler 16002 12V 3W LED Accent
  • Cast Aluminum (AZT- Bronze, BKT- Black, Finishes), Cast Brass (BBR- Bronzed Brass)
  • AZT- Textured Architectural Bronze (Marine Grade Powder Coat)
  • BKT- Textured Black (Marine Grade Powder Coat)
  • BBR- Bronzed Brass (Solid Brass with Rubbed Bronze Finish)
  • 3.7″ H x 2″ W
Light Source
  • Integrated LED Chip and Constant Current Driver.
  • Compares to 10 watt halogen MR16 lamp.
  • 40,000 Hours L70 (L70 is lumen depreciation of 70% where the eye notices a change in light output).
  • 15 year warranty
Color Temperature (CCT)
  • Warm White- 2700K (-50/+100)
  • Pure White- 3000K (-45/+130)
Color Rendering Index (CRI)
  • 80+ Color rendering index (CRI) is a measure of how accurately an artificial light source displays colors.  This fixture has a rating considered “best” in the industry. Source: EnergyStar.gov Light Quality Guide
  • Radiax™ Optic – Creates a 10° narrow spot beam. See photometric data below.
Power Usage
  • 3 WATTS (4VA) @ 12 Volt AC input.
  • Low Voltage Transformer is required.  Multiply fixture VA by the number of fixtures used to determine transformer size.
Operating Voltage Range
  • 9V – 15V AC/DC with no loss or variation of light output due to constant current driver technology.  Learn about voltage drop.
  • 2700k = 105 lumens (35Lm/W)
  • 3000k = 112 lumens (37Lm/W)
Included Mounting Accessories 
Optional Mounting Accessories
Optional Lens Accessories


3 Watt 12 Volt 60° Flood Kichler 16002 LED Landscape Light
Feet Foot Candles Beam Width
Kichler 16002 3watt 60 degree LED landscape light photometrics 4 6.8 4′ Kichler 16002 LED Landscape Light Dimensions
8 1.7 7.9′
16 .4 15.8′
24 0.2 23.7′
32 0.1 31.6′
40 0.1 39.5′


Ordering Guide Kichler 16002 Warm White LED Landscape Light Kichler 16002 Pure White LED Landscape Light
Kelvin  2700K Warm White 3000K Pure White
Watts/Lumens Compares to Halogen 10W MR16
Beam Spread 10° Spot
Beam Spread 35° Flood
Beam Spread 60° Wide Flood
  • Kichler 16002 AZT27
  • Kichler 16002 BBR27
  • Kichler 16002 BKT27
  • Kichler 16002 BE27
  • Kichler 16002 AZT30
  • Kichler 16002 BBR30
  • Kichler 16002 BKT30
  • Kichler 16002 BE30


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