600 Watt Professional Series 2-in-1 Transformer


600 Watt Professional Series 2-in1 Transformer | Transformers | Pro Series

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Transformers – Pro Series – Kichler 15PRD600SS

The Professional Series 2-in-1 Transformer provides on distinct model designed for unique applications with two separate 300-Watt circuits (zones) and control options are located within the same housing.

Example: If you would like your lights along the driveway that guide visitors in and out of your property to stay lit dusk to dawn while you would prefer the lights in the backyard to turn off at around midnight. If so this transformer would be great for your job.

Kichler’s Professional Series provides the best options and flexibility needed for most installations. Output voltage range will suit most jobs. Features include a commercial grade toroid core and coil submersible rating, pluggable timer a photocell outlets, plus a lifetime warranty.

Capacity 600 Watt Maximum


  • Output voltage taps are 12/13/14/15 Volts
  • Installation is made easy with 30 degree tilted taps mounted on a 125-Amp terminal board because there is more space and greater visibility while inserting cables into taps.
  • Easy-access flip top door with magnetic fastener requires no tools to open and is lockable.
  • Tilted terminal board and large capacity lugs inside the taps hold up to 8, #10-gauge wires or up to 10, #12-gauge wires per tap.
  • Submersible rating to be used in accordance with submersible standards where fixtures are in water. The 3′, 3-wire #12 TJW cord establishes the safe, minimum distance from unit to fixture when submersible fixtures are being used.
  • In-line secondary magnetic breaker protects against short circuit.
  • Fully enclosed housing constructed of stainless steel grade 304
  • Drop down bottom panel with four pre-punched field knockouts sized for 1/2″ or 3/4″ conduit(trade sizes) and one large center 1 3/4″ inlet.
  • Professional Series units (except for 15PR75SS) feature toroid core and coil and dedicated wire loop for quick access testing of primary load. This provides the best reliability and maintain improved regulation from no load to full load. Toroid core saves energy and offers approximately 10% greater efficiency than EI-type core and coil transformers. Toroid core and coils run cooler because heat dissipates; run quieter since theres no hum; and run smoother due to less vibration.
  • 900-Watt and 1200-Watt Professional Series units feature relay, which reduces amp draw through the timer, photocell, and receptacle- extending the life of these components.
  • Mounting brackets are welded and riveted in place for extra strength. Mounting plate for indoor use is included. Transformers used indoors require cable to be routed through conduit. Check local government ordinances and codes to ensure proper standards are met.
  • X10 compatible
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Weight 33.61 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 8.75 x 6.75 in


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