ControlScape UPB Fixture Relay

$168.75 $135.00 ControlScape UPB Fixture Relay



Receiver: Hardwire Relay

Hardwire Relays are useful to cut power to a load in-line without using a Plug In Module, Receptacle, or . Dimmer/Switch. Hardwire Relays are non-dimmable (i.e. On/Off only).

Hardwire Relay controlling a Transformer

This is a UPB Relay Fixture Module designed to control the operation of 120VAC appliances, ceiling fans and lighting.

The Hardwire Relay fits easily inside a standard outlet box, or can be mounted to other surfaces using screws/ties. Hardwire Relay modules connect directly to the existing household power wiring.

Model # CS-RLY
Load Type Appliances / Lighting
Max Total Load 12A or 1/3 HP Motor
Dimensions 3.6 x 1.4 x 1.2 (in)
Weight 6 oz
Mounting Standard J Box
Input Power 120 VAC 60 + .3Hz
Operating Temperature 30 to 120 (F)
Colors Available Black

Additional information

Weight 16.00 lbs


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