ControlScape UPB 1500watt Dimmer Switch

$450.00 $347.00 ControlScape 1500watt Dimmer Switch

SKU: CS-1500-XX


1500 Watt Switch

This is a 1500 watt UPB Switch/Dimmer Receiver made specifically to handle incandescent, florescent, and magnetic low voltage loads. It can be used as either an ON/OFF only device or a Dimmer depending on the settings assigned to the Switch/Dimmer during setup of the ControlSCAPE Controller.

Note: While this Switch does fit into a single gang box it has unusually large heat sink “fins” that protrude beyond the face of the electrical box. The Switch does come with its own face plate due to the unconventional shape of the overall unit. 1500 Watt Switch

Dimmer controlling a Transformer
Model # CS-1500-xx
Load Type Incandescent / Florescent / Mag Low Voltage
Settings Dimming or Non-Dimming
Max Total Load 1500W / 1500VA
Current Maximum Non-Dimming 12.5A
Connections 14 GA
Dimensions 4.68 x 2.75 x 1.25 (in)
Weight 0.3 lb.
Mounting Standard J box
Input Power 120 + 12 VAC
Input Frequency 60 + .3 Hz
Operating Temp -40 to 104 F
Colors Available White / Almond / Ivory / Black / Brown
De-rating Information
Device Maximum Load (LCP) No Fins Removed Large Box (greater than 40 CU IN) No Fins Removed Normal Depth Box One Fin Removed Next to One Dimmer Both Fins Removed Next to Two Dimmers
1500W 1200W 1000W 800W 700W

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Weight 16.00 lbs


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