ControlScape Plug In Relay Module

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ControlScape Plug In Relay Module (12 Amps)

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ControlScape Plug In Relay Module (12 Amps)

The UPB Plug In Relay Module is designed to control the operation of 120VAC appliances, motors and fluorescent lamps.

This module delivers On/Off control for appliances and lighting up to 12A. Installation is simple: the module is plugged into a standard 120VAC outlet and the device to be controlled is plugged into the bottom of the module. A non-controlled convenience outlet is also provided on the face of the module.

Model # CS-APP
Load Type Appliances / Motors / Fluorescent
Settings NA – On/Off only
Max Total Load 12A or 1/3 HP Motor
Dimensions 3.4H x 2.6W x 1.5D (in)
Weight 8 oz
Mounting Plug-In
Input Power 120 VAC 60 + .3Hz
Operating Temperature 30 to 120 (F)
Colors Available White
Receiver: Plug In Modules

Plug in Receiver Modules come in two varieties; Lamp Modules and Appliance Modules. The difference between the two is that Lamp Modules are dimmable while Appliance Modules are not (On/Off only). The Appliance Module is ideal for landscape lighting control as it can easily be placed inside the transformer in the spot typically reserved for a plug-in timer. The Lamp Module can be used for transformers but it must be plugged into the wall outlet opposed to inside the transformer unit.

Appliance Module inside Transformer

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