ControlScape Plug In Phase Coupler

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Plug-In Phase Coupler

Installation of a Phase Coupler (Wire-In, Breaker or Plug-In) guarantees that UPB signals sent by the Controller will reach every Receiver in the project area.

The Plug-In Phase Coupler is designed to be plugged into a 30 Amp (or 50 Amp), 220VAC 3 prong power receptacle. An appliance such as a clothes dryer, air-conditioner or stove can be plugged into the included receptacle of the Plug-In Phase Coupler for ‘in-line’ use.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that a Phase Coupler (Wire-In, Breaker or Plug-In) is installed in each ControlSCAPE controlled environment.

For additional information on the use and function of the Phase Coupler please read the System Design page of this web site.

Mounting 30 or 50 Amp 3 Prong Power Receptacle
Input Power 120 VAC 60+3Hz
Operating Temperature 30 to 120 (F)
Colors Available Gray

Plug-In Phase Coupler

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Weight 16.00 lbs


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