Series voltage drop diagram

Landscape Lighting Voltage Drop

Voltage Drop – How to install landscape lighting Voltage drop is the decrease in electrical current experienced as electricity travels through a wire. This is most commonly seen as dim light output from your landscape lights. Voltage drop is especially noticeable when many lights are wired in series. You will be able to see the […]

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Landscape Lighting System Basics

This post will familiarize you the basic landscape lighting elements that make up a low voltage outdoor lighting system. 1) Low Voltage Transformer A power box that plugs into any standard electrical outlet inside or outside. The transformer takes the hazardous 120 volt power from your home and steps the voltage level down 10 times […]

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Kichler LED Fixtures have a 15 Year Warranty.

Kichler Design Pro LED Landscape Lighting

Discover the most technologically evolved landscape lighting backed with a 15 Year Warranty. Available in a large variety of wattage’s, beam spreads, color temperatures and finishes. Kichler engineered the exclusive Radiax optics to generate more lumens with less wattage for superior results. Kichler has also expanded your options for design with multiple Kelvin temperatures and […]

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